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Who are Shark Hunters DFS?

We are a team that helps its members build better winning daily fantasy sports lineups. Our sports handicappers provide sports betting picks for our members who bet to follow.

Why Video Games?

Our members not only enjoy sports and dfs, but they also enjoy gaming. Most gamer tournaments will begin at $10 per entry. Single entry and team games available.

Head to Head Contests

Members in our Discord gaming community like going head to head with others. They don't have to worry about the loser paying as we'll be the middle man for them.

$10 Entry


Why people love Shark Hunters Gamer Tournaments

"Sharks Gaming Tournament was a blast my group and I loved it. We had fun competing with a smaller group. So you don’t have to do it all weekend or all day just a few hours on the given day. Competition is great and really helps you improve your game and helps you learn what needs to be improved within your group. I would recommend trying it out at least once. 10/10"

"I think Shark Hunters Gaming is great. I loved the tournaments and how they are played. It creates an environment where we can all be friends but get to business when needed. The discord groups are awesome and brings a whole bunch of people closer together creating a great community and everyone is friendly no one is hostile. We all support each other as well. Where else can you find that?"

"Shark Hunters Gaming is a one of a kind tournament that is held weekly and has a amazing admin running the server. The admins make sure that everyone is able to play on the best time/day possible and make it possible for anyone to take part in these tournaments. Whether you are PS4,PC,Xbox or even the switch there are plenty of different type of players in the server! They hold tournaments weekly and you get to win real money! Very friendly and caring group of admins."

William J

New York

Icy_Void Gaming


Adrian D



We Support PS4, XBox 1, PC, and Nintendo Switch 

Shark Hunters DFS team is now sponsoring video game tournaments for all the most popular video games. Tournaments are mainly held on the weekends but can be run any day of the week with enough players. Contests start at $10 per tournament and currently the following video games are available to sign up for:

Madden 20

NBA 2k20

MLB The Show 20




Call Of Duty MW

Rocket League

League of Legends


NHL 20

APEX Legends

Super Smash Bros.

GTA V Racing


$10 Entry

6 Pack for $50

"The tournaments are fun! Lots of players with great competition."

"Love the head to head competitions and they helped me win some money on e-sports"

– Sam W, Virginia

– Mark C, Illinois

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$10 Entry

6 Pack for $50

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